WellBeing Brewery

A book celebrating sober
with WellBeing Brewery

Missouri’s WellBeing Brewery is championing a new road to joy, and this time there’s no hangover. We helped them find a new way to express the positive side of non-alcoholic, tapping into their founder’s personal journey and refreshing philosophy.


WellBeing decided it was time to offer their customers something more than great-tasting non-alcoholic beer. Lovers were enlisted to write, design and produce a gift for loyal customers, helping them articulate their non-alcoholic preference as a positive.

The Seven
Joys of Sober


We developed the Seven Joys of Sober’ to capture non-alcoholic's under-appreciated silver linings in a readable, shareable way. Despite the rise of NA across the US and the world, the myth of the ‘fun sponge’ pervades. We set out to set that record straight, with a wink.

Dear Sexy People

changing the conversation

Tone of voice helped us lean the conversation away from what’s missing from a non-alcoholic lifestyle: towards what’s great. By exploring sober’s wild side, we got to talk about sober joy rides, epiphanies and golden drivetimes. All the good stuff, and no hangovers.

It’s a sign


Design-wise we decided to bless each Joy with its own symbol, underscoring the philosophical and at times ‘celestial’ quality of the WellBeing voice. These help the punctuate the content in print, but also translate it into social media where the language could live on.