The Scouts

Welcome Packs

Kevin and Chloe at the Scouting Association (yep, the Scouts) felt it was high time young Scouts had access to a decent welcome pack designed to onboard them properly. So that’s what we helped them make.

The Scouting Movement has evolved a lot since Sir Baden Powell first published “Scouting for Boys” back in 1908. Girls are now very much part of the movement, and it’s extended to a tiered age-bracket system including Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. For this project each age group needed its own welcome pack to introduce their section.

Although each group would require its own age-appropriate approach we wanted to build some visual continuity throughout. So we used a typeface that could visibly “grow up” over time, losing the puppy fat of its early years and developing into something stronger and more sure of its form. Illustrations and colours added further age-differentiating signposts.

Growing up