London College of Music Examinations

Syllabus Book Design

Devoting months and years to learning a musical instrument means spending a lot of time with the books that teach you. Why shouldn’t they be beautiful, special and rewarding?

London College of Music is an educator and examining body supporting musicians in their journeys to master an instrument of choice. In this capacity they publish books that provide teaching and testing, helping you to move upwards through qualification. If you’ve ever taken a look at this category of books though, there are some serious crimes against design.

David at LCM is all about bringing integrity and joy back to the design of the humble music syllabus book. We decided to ask the question “What shape is a sound?” involving artists to create unique artworks inspired by the particularly characteristics of each instrument. The other design element is the progression of complexity from early grades to later ones, a small reward for the student’s musical progress.

You can do it

If you listen