London College of Music

Book designs for the
London College of Music

Devoting months and years to learning a musical instrument means spending a lot of time with the books that teach you. Why shouldn’t they be beautiful, special and rewarding?

the brief

London College of Music is an educator and examining body that helps musicians master their instruments. Its book live with their owners for months and the design of those books is an opportunity to inspire, motivate and encourage.

Keep Going


So often music syllabus books will repeat the same stock image on the cover of all grade books. We think this is cruel! We wanted to celebrate the progress being made by the book’s owner, allowing the artwork to flow and evolve in its complexity over the course of the book covers.

What Shape
is a sound?


There’s something really fun about setting out to answer this question. We’ve been enlisting artists to help us work out what piano looks like, with variation from entry level to more sophisticated mastery of the instrument.