Green Man

Brand Identity & Annual Campaigns

Not many brands can credibly claim to have united a true ‘tribe’ behind what they do, but the organisers of Green Man festival have earned theirs. We’ve used design to help them do it.

At the heart of Green Man sits Fiona Stewart’s belief that “jumping around in a muddy field is a basic human need”. This deep non-verbal longing led Lovers to develop a native tongue for Green Man, a collection of rune-like symbols denoting different worlds within one bigger world, sitting together to create a magic whole.

Eschewing the obvious choice to show the Green Man’s face, we opted instead to make him omnipresent through typography. Surrounding the Green Man’s booming typographic voice, illustrations were allowed to flourish and dance, channelling ancient pagan strangeness from the bestial to the celestial.

Myth & Legend

Going Pagan