Staff Communications

Shamil & Kavi have built a really special and successful business at Dishoom. Looking after their people and their culture is a massive part of what drives them, and they know that design can help them do it.

A lot of organisations (rightly) put great effort into how they communicate with their audiences. It’s quite rare though to see that same level of effort made internally with staff. And yet it makes so much sense. If your staff are engaging meaningfully with the brand they’re supposed to be part of, they’re far more inclined to value it, and feel valued by it. It's win-win.

We’ve been helping Dishoom get this right, starting with a few key pieces of communication that deserve to be designed properly. Dishoom already have a solid sense of their customer-facing brand personality, so the game is twisting that to meet the needs of a different audience; the people who make Dishoom happen daily.

No Spitting