An internal brand boost for
the Irani Café revivalists

Not every company recognises the potential of design to help shape organisational culture. The team behind Dishoom most definitely does.

the brief

A lot of organisations (rightly) put effort into how they communicate with the customers. It’s quite rare though to see that same level of effort made internally. We were briefed by Dishoom to design a number of internal brand pieces to help staff feel the brand they live each day.

No Spitting


Dishoom's rules are plastered all over the walls of its beautiful restaurants, saying things like “no combing hair” and “no loud telephoning”. They conjure the atmosphere of the Irani cafés of early-to-mid-century Bombay (now Mumbai).

Hat Party

posters you can wear

Some companies just send email notifications to tell their staff about internal events. Not Dishoom. We were encouraged to help promote play, which resulted in this poster/hat to announce their hat-themed Christmas bash.