Brand Identity & Packaging

It’s true to say that the perks of helping a wine merchant weren’t lost on Lovers. But the real reward is in seeing a new team pick up a brand they can run with.

Nestled in an elegant corner of Parson’s Green is a cosy cellar of wine bliss named “Friarwood”. Present since the early 1970’s this business was to undergo transformation brought about by new blood in the shape of a strapping Canadian connoisseur and his allies. The only problem was the fusty old logo and dull burgundy packaging.

We put a kick back into Friarwood, blessing it with a new but oldish-feeling monogram as suited to a sommelier’s lapel as a wax seal or wooden wine box. We helped the team embrace a simple and timeless colour palette, also bringing sophisticated materials into play across the brand's touch points both in retail and wholesale.

Aged Well