A brand identity to inspire the
golden age of positive investing

Frustrated with finance’s fixation on profit, whatever the cost to people and planet, Snowball are here to recalculate the word ‘investment’. Lovers were briefed to create an impactful identity to inspire investors to invest better.


Sometimes change comes not from taking on the status quo, but from taking the status quo on a journey to somewhere new and different. The team behind Snowball enlisted Lovers to create an identity that could help inspire positive change and earn advocates for its mission.

Recharging Conversations


We developed a strong brand mark that beams a promise of recalculation. Designed to echo some of the familiarly strong shapes investors expect from robust financial brands, a flag-like quality also speaks to scale of ambition, enacted with an urgent energy when animated.

A Consistent Voice


We blended ‘plain speaking’ with ‘positive’ by integrating logo elements into a custom headline display typeface. This infuses a consistent energy into every statement made by the brand, resourcefully referring back to the promise made visually by Snowball's brand mark.