Earning brand reappraisal
for UK nature’s biggest ally

As the UK’s biggest conservation charity, the RSPB knows what nature needs: urgent action, from people everywhere. Having refocused its messaging to emphasise this priority, they needed help articulating it powerfully via an uplifting, perception-shifting brand campaign.


Lovers were briefed to translate the RSPB’s new brand mission statement: “Nature is in crisis. Together we can save it.” (defined by ASHA & Co) into a disarmingly bold, uplifting, people-focused campaign. The objective was to earn brand reappraisal by striking a new tone.

Nature is in crisis.
Together we can save it.

people power

With the RSPB refocused on people and action, we needed to bring to life its new mission statement: “Nature is in crisis. Together we can save it.” Film quickly became the best medium to show what this could look like, portraying a spectrum of key roles the movement needs.

So Many Ways

spoilt for choice

In the face of eco-anxiety, public apathy and the feeling of an ever-narrowing path forward, we set out a message of hope, substantiated by the RPSB’s expertise as conservationists: “There are so many ways to save nature”. This theme of possibility became the campaign’s big idea.

Video First

a digital campaign

As our primary medium for the campaign, video enabled us to fuse archive footage with newly filmed scenes capturing key ideas about the nature-saving movement. The campaign’s effervescent, unexpected tone was a key tool in earning brand reappraisal with audiences.

“We wanted something that was going to put the RSPB in a different light and raise a smile for the cause. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over the years. Lovers were the most personal, attentive, caring that I’ve worked with.”

Paul Birmingham, Head of Brand (RSPB)