Government of Jersey

Getting Jersey talking
about Climate policies

The planet’s biggest problems can’t be solved by governments alone. That’s why the government of Jersey decided to engage its hundred thousand citizens to discuss ideas for effective policies to tackle climate change. First, they’d need a campaign to reach everyone.


Lovers were invited to partner with the government of Jersey’s strategic partner, the New Citizenship Project, to design a campaign that would truly reach the whole island, inviting it to discuss climate change policy. Civic dullness was out, colourful approachability was in.


an approachable feel

When you’re talking to an entire population, climate change can be quite a loaded topic to bring up. We made sure the campaign would look and feel very the opposite of rigid, fixed and heavy by creating an identity with the opposite qualities: buoyancy, variety and changeability.

Simple Flexibility


As with so many of our campaign projects, a flexible toolkit containing campaign assets sat at the centre of our delivery. These were accompanied by a comprehensive ‘manual’ / guidelines document, explaining how the assets can be consistently used across comms.