Oxford University

Helping tourists discover
Oxford’s cultural offer

We’re big believers in collective effort. Never before had all seven of Oxford University’s gardens, libraries and museums joined forces to attract visitors in unison. To do that they would have to create a shared brand and sync on marketing. So that’s exactly what we did.

the brief

Lovers were invited to guide Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums through a shared branding and marketing effort, leading to a joined-up visitor attraction mechanism that could run for years. First we needed a shared identity to integrate across marketing channels.


in a WORD

With such a long collective moniker (Oxford University’s Gardens, Libraries and Museums) we decided to focus audiences on a single word that could capture the overarching reason to visit. Our ‘Mindgrowing’ campaign invited people to explore surprises and leave cleverer.

The Worlds


Once successfully attracted to the city, visitors met with a fluid navigation experience across sites. Made recognisable by a consistently used shade of green, campaign touch points helped visitors enjoy one joined-up journey. This ran consistently from digital to physical maps.

Family Time

seasonal refreshment

As well as appealing to culture-seekers and day trippers, we extended the campaign toolkit to cater for families. Rather than produce one-way marketing leaflets, a set of wall-planners were designed to help families plot their favourite activities in advance.