End Ocean Plastics: Campaign Identity

There is currently enough plastic in our oceans to circle the planet 425 times. Which is killing them. Greenpeace are using communication to do something about this, and we’re helping them.

Unless people feel how disgusting and depressing the ocean plastics problem is, nothing will change. Greenpeace approached us for help creating a campaign language, a visual approach to talking about the issue. Rather than requesting finished pieces of communication, they needed a toolkit and a set of guidelines empowering their art & editorial team to design messages on an agile basis daily.

We took a hands-on approach to the challenge, lifting bags full of plastic out of the Thames in London and into our computers. We manipulated this material to tell stories and explain problems. This also extended to what Greenpeace call a ‘Brand Jam’, a direct provocation to the largest player who could make a change and lead the way. That was Coke. And it proved pretty effective.

Grim Pickings

Leading by example

Going for Goliath

Never give up