Campaign Films & Animations

The NSPCC brings support to millions of children of different ages across the UK. Over the past few years we’ve helped them talk to young people about complex issues like Neglect, Online Bullying, Sexual Abuse, Trafficking, Suicide and lots of other things.

A lot of the time designing communications is about empathy. Putting yourself in the shoes of an organisation or an issue, to find out how to talk about it. It’s a skill we’ve developed over time, but nothing ever prepares us for a new NSPCC brief. The amount of nuanced understanding we have to take onboard is almost overwhelming. Their brilliant teams help us through that.

The secret to making this work is emotional intelligence. We have to take the time to mix research with deep human understanding. It’s always sensitive. And it’s always difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

Finding the words

Pete’s Story

All Cushty

Wants vs Needs

Elsa’s Story

Online Bullying

Melissa’s Story

Somewhere New

Life’s Complicated