Making sustainable moves
with sneaker lovers online

What’s the best way to talk about the things that matter most? Nike and JD Sports decided to join forces for an online content push, determined to put sustainability on sneaker lovers’ minds, without preaching or boring them. This would require some clever creativity.


Lovers were invited to come up with the creative strategy for this campaign, naming it, giving it creative direction, an identity, and a practical toolkit that would function across multiple streams of social media content. The main objective was clear: don’t be dull.

Going Round
In Circles

are you cyclic?

We decided to name the campaign #wemove as it allowed us to frame sustainable ‘micro-behaviours’ our audience could socialise with peers. Our cyclic motif would also nod to Nike’s ‘Move To Zero’ sustainability comms without bringing that identity in too heavily.

The Banter

seriously light

Rather than drag our audience into a lecture, we met them where they are: on social media, engaging with lighthearted content. We created a set of editorial guidelines that would empower presenters with hard facts, delivered in an ‘everyday’ way, via fun competitive exercises.

Guiding Partners

making it doable

It’s not childsplay making lighthearted sustainability-themed content in a quick, spontaneous way, unless you have good, clear guidance. We distilled all of our direction into a practical handbook for content creators, enabling scripts and videos to be made easily.