Encouraging daters
to be themselves

The pandemic created a huge hurdle for daters, but also an opportunity. What if there was a way to strip back some of the artifice and pressure of online dating, and make it more honest? Badoo wanted to invite daters to try out the app that lets you be you.


Lovers were invited to work closely with Badoo’s internal creative teams to come up with a new way to articulate Badoo’s call for honest dating. The campaign would take place on TV and online, in over a dozen markets globally. So a thoughtful approach was required.

Everybody Just
Wants You


Badoo hadn’t quite found a way to say “it’s ok to be your full self in online dating”. We coined the line “everybody just wants you”, which allowed us to simplify dating, reduce pressure and make our audience feel desirable for who they are, conveying a lot of detail in shortform.

Taking it
to TV


The campaign centred around a lead asset made for TV, but constructed with a modular edit that could be adapted for different markets. We developed a set of different character vignettes with Badoo’s creative teams, bringing the right amount of breadth to the ad overall.

“Lovers have a remarkable ability, not only to understand where culture is headed, but to help your brand purposely fit in, in a way that I think is unmatched anywhere else in the industry.”

Dominic Gallello, CMO (Badoo)

Out & About

mixing media

The campaign’s TV asset was supported by tailored creative designed to work across out of home settings and also digitally. Each micro story within the main ad was adapted into discrete content packages for social media and digital advertising opportunities.