Helping Labour
defend the NHS

Now very digitised, election campaigns depend as much on micro-stories circulating online, as they do top-level party messages. Labour wanted to spotlight people whose lives have been shaped by an NHS struggling with cuts and uneasy relations with ‘Big Pharma’.


Lovers were invited to help two women tell their stories about the NHS, how it’s shaped their lives and what worries them about the system’s future health under the current Conservative government. We would need to work closely with both speakers, to help them tell their story.

Real Stories


We developed scripts for both women, based on telephone conversations with each of them, allowing them space to tell their story to Lovers, their way. This enabled us to script their films loosely, allowing them to retain agency over their words and leading to a natural style.

When I think
about the future

testimony & context

Both films feature direct testimony to-camera, filmed with natural lighting in simple settings. To add a sense of context to the stories, we gathered cutaways capturing glimpses of the NHS filmed on sympathetic 16mm film, giving a sense of longstanding integrity and importance.