Architects Declare

Helping architects declare
a climate emergency

The first step in addressing any problem is acknowledging it. World famous architect Steve Tompkins (OBE) decided to sound the alarm globally on architecture’s role in facing the climate crisis. He just needed a bit of help giving this movement some identity.


Steve took us to a pub in North London: “I need your help”. He explained his vision for a global petition to address the climate crisis, across practices all over the world. He just needed a simple, arresting visual presentation of his invitation. Urgent, clear, but not catastrophic.

A Calm Alarm


Architects understand shapes. They like seeing the bones of things, and getting to grips with the structures. We kept the Architects Declare identity extremely simple, evoking our over-heating planet whilst dodging all visual cliché and clutter associated with ‘green issues’.

“Lovers are great listeners. They were able to put over a brand that was serious, compelling, and it’s now active through nearly 30 countries throughout the world.”

Steve Tompkins OBE, Founder & Director (Haworth Tompkins & Architects Declare)