Ally Pally Theatre

Relaunching London’s
oldest new theatre

After 80 years of slumber Ally Pally’s. Victorian theatre finally awoke, restored to its former glory by lottery funding. We created an unmissable campaign to help launch it with a bang, re-creating the newly opened space in maquette form, placed at the centre of our campaign.


It’s not every day you see a Victorian theatre plucked out of dereliction and revived for the public to enjoy. Ally Pally’s long lost theatre needed an impactful ad campaign to bring Londoners flying through its reopened doors to enjoy a modern cultural programme.

A home of wonders

shaping the narrative

We exaggerated the Victorian theatre’s reawakening with a series of eccentric physical sets depicting it as wide-eyed and ready to play. Vintage but contemporary, we announced that “London’s oldest new theatre” had awoken, daring people to come check it out.

It’s Alive!

animating the idea

Animations pulled back the curtain on a world of spectacle and surprise. A jazz vortex, a fantasy universe, a comedic cornucopia. The ads invited audiences to come and visit a new space dedicated to the strange and unexpected, no matter their entertainment of choice.