The British Museum

Digital Campaign

The British Museum is part of a brilliant network of museums all around the UK, constantly lending its objects and support. The BM asked Lovers to create a digital campaign showcasing this great work to the nation online.

Institutions and organisations are often extremely busy doing really positive work but don’t find the time to stop and tell the world about it. This was the case with the British Museum’s work around the country. When it comes to funding and making sure funding for good work isn’t cut by something like a change in government, digital showcasing comes in very handy.

As well as designing and building a robust online showcase for the great work, we were asked to create a shareable visual manifestation of the campaign’s hash tag (MuseumOfTheCitizen). We started the ball rolling with a simple, drawable museum-shaped ‘M’ followed by the remainder of the tag, a simple idea.

Sharing the magic