Blink Art

Brand Identity & Website

Sam, Katy and Helen are the super women behind Blink Art. We developed a simple but fun pictorial identity for them and helped run it out.

Blink Art, sister to the world-famous Blink Productions Company, represent some of the finest commercial artists in London. Although theirs is a business-to-business brand we felt it was important to act more like a customer-facing entity that had something to say and a bit of a lifestyle feel attached to it.

Lovers designed a simple rogue tittle to top the ‘i’ in Blink and let it turn into different mini artworks, for no reason other than to convey a sense of visual fun and possibility. These possibilities also happened to look great on bags and badges, an added bonus for a brand you’d be happy to see bobbing around London, slung over a shoulder.

Made you look

The little tittle