Lovers is a collective creative agency. We help brands go beyond Like.

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Can a contemporary brand create a totally new ancient language?

See our work for Green Man

How do you help Europe’s most important theatre sharpen its edge?

See our work for the Royal Court

What’s the best way to warn young people about the dangers of neglect?

See our work for the NSPCC

Lovers is a collective creative agency. We help brands go beyond Like.

If you repeat a word enough times, eventually it loses all meaning.

Brands that are 'like' don't last. We're all liked-out and looking for more, so if your brand's hoping to earn a place in people's hearts and minds, start thinking about being Unlike.

Our people are Unlike. Creative one-offs with such talent and ambition, no traditional agency structure can keep hold of them. They want to be free. To do work that excites them. Lovers is the collective name for these "unretainables" and the agency framework needed to mobilise them.

We approach brands we have a crush on, with ideas for projects. Briefs also come our way, and when they do we assign them to the Lovers whose eyes light up the brightest. If none light up, we politely decline the project.

Our projects are Acts of Passion. Labours of Love. They resonate with audiences because they have our fascinations, foibles, knacks and obsessions embedded in them. It might seem Romantic, but it works. In the end, Like’s too short.

What work do we do?

We love communication because it encompasses almost everything.

Every Lovers project is uniquely resourced and directed from our London Headquarters.

We create new brands, help established ones communicate, design and build lots of different messages. We’re open-minded. If you’re thinking about a potential new Lovers project right now then it’s probably worth talking to us.

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Sign of the Times

NB Studio and Michael Wolff are sick of Britain's 'Elderly People' road sign. Picturing a stooping couple dragging themselves along, it's hardly a positive reflection of later life. So they invited Lovers, and many others, to have a crack at redesigning it.

We thought the couple in the original sign looked pretty alone and depressed, so we thought we'd add in a younger character to hang out with the older two. Also, why not show the perk of having a bit more time to take the dog for a walk? The lack of sartorial expression also struck us as miserable in the old sign, so we added a couple of touches there. The last thing was to show one of the older people pointing off somewhere they think they should go on their walk, breaching the sign's red triangle to add a little sense of adventure.

We started by doing some drawings on paper — nothing beats a pencil to start visual ideas rolling. We worked it up in the computer later, but it's on paper that you can make most of your key decisions.


Lovers bags a shiny D&AD Pencil

It's always lovely picking up something at D&AD, and we're really happy that our new pencil celebrates Lovers' productive relationship with the NSPCC. Pete’s Story highlights the claustraphobia of an abusive upbringing as well as its longlasting effects.

We were invited to work with original case study material from the true story of a survivor of neglect, named Pete for the purposes of the project. Our job was to turn his story into something that would help audiences understand how destructive neglect can be on a person's life and development. Read more about our work with the NSPCC and other projects here.


New Balls Please

Bonny Porter is a very talented chef. She's just launched her first restaurant on Greek Street and you should definitely check it out.

Bonny was going to name her restaurant Meatball & Co, but we helped her go with a name that would stick in people's heads more and also offer a more accurate description of what people enjoy at the restaurant (a range of balls, from arancini to meat, but also of course – good company).


International New York Times: Arting News

Alex Hunting Art Directs the Opinion Pages of the International New York Times as well as its Saturday Review, giving him the duty of commissioning a thought-provoking piece of artwork pretty much daily. But when holidays beckon, it's over to friend and Lovers founder Alex Ostrowski to keep the art coming.

Al Hunting is so good at this now (check out his work here) that he can pretty much do it in his sleep, which is handy because the time difference can be a bit of a killer. I've covered for him for a couple of two week stints and although it was a bit daunting at first, the process does become addictive, and it's a great chance to commission lots of brilliant illustrators.

The topics of the articles are very broad. Sometimes there's room for a bit of wit or humour, say if there's a piece on UKIP's latest blunder. But a lot of the time the issues covered are extremely serious, and visualising them is a delicate exercise given that it's all usually happening in the world that week.


Royal Court Digital Workshop at Lovers

We recently teamed up with our buds at Animade to host a digital inspiration workshop for the Royal Court Theatre.

Taking up residence in a concreted wing of Lovers headquarters, we had a good look at some new ideas about how a theatre can communicate online, via an intro into Agile Planning courtesy of Animade's Nick Fahey.


London: Beer Monsters Come Forth!

Green Man is hitting London with its Courtyard Beer & Cider fest, famous for lip-smacking welsh produce. We've been helping to bring a bit of bite to the monstrous occasion.

The new event needed its own promotional vibe whilst holding dear to its Green Man kudos. We went down the Beer Monster road, developing a stomping tone of voice to run through all communications including the Outdoor campaign and online chatter.


Branding our friends at Apple&Ink

We've been helping the Apple&Ink team do a little soul searching of late, and it's led to a new brand identity for the creative-only recruiters.

Since the guys have been working with creatives for over ten years, they've seen a few sterotypes in their time and we had a bit of fun with those in GIF form on their new site. Who doesn't love a GIF after all?


We’re proud Company Members of YCN

YCN has introduced Lovers to a lot of really interesting organisations over the years, many of whom have become Lovers clients. Our YCN Company Membership keeps us abreast of all the awesome insights and creative intel that YCN has up its sleeve.

Upcoming YCN events include a talk from Ad Man Dave Trott, a new YCN library reading list from Ally Capellino founder Alison Lloyd, and a breakfast briefing sesh at Dishoom with The Gourmand. That's our Autumn sorted!