Plymouth College of Art: Brand Positioning & Campaigns

We help Plymouth College of Art to continually explore and express the things that make them unique.

First off, what’s actually special about PCA?

Positioning the Brand

In the midst of cuts and the demise of physical resources in arts education, PCA is holding onto something real.

We've worked with Plymouth College of Art for a number of years, helping to maintain a consistent message to the world about what makes it different to other art schools.

As one of the UK's few remaining independent art and design education educators, PCA's message is loud and clear; creativity isn’t a neat, tidy thing. And nor should it be. “We have to make sure our art schools don’t turn into offices and lecture halls” insists Principal Andrew Brewerton, who sees PCA as an opponent to the UK trend of "more convenient desk-based creative learning”.

Organisations like PCA are so much the product of their collective energy that the only way to meaningfully investigate their soul is to involve as many people in the process as possible. We conducted a series of brand workshops with key stakeholders to identify its strengths and areas of uniqueness. These went on to underpin all of the college's output as a brand, ensuring consistent messaging across all of its touch points.

It's great to see this approach paying off for the college, with application rates steadily rising over the past three years nationally and regionally.


Brand workshops led to a line that captured the college’s belief in ‘making’ as a way of life, and of earning a living.

Live Make

We’ve helped the brand continue a tactile quality by maintaining ‘physicality’ at the centre of all visual identity choices.


The GT Sectra Font Family

Franklin Gothic

The Franklin Gothic Font Family

We developed a palette of authentically-generated textures to help the brand boldly assert its colour palette.

Attracting new students into the college

Recruitment Campaigns

We’ve helped the college mix outdoor, print, online and TV advertising to target and attract potential applicants.

No Name

We created 30 and 60 second spots for the college to advertise in cinemas and online with Channel 4 On Demand.

Energy Stills

Other campaigns have also focussed on the language of making, visually and verbally. One of our rules is to always employ physical techniques in the creation of communications.

Wherever possible we utilise the college's unique asset; itself. With so many amazing physical processes in action every day, it's fun to make use of what's there and take opportunities to experiment. Working in this way, we get to become excited ourselves in the college's potential and this is something that comes across in the message. The intention is always to make something as authentic to the college as possible.

Bringing the brand to life in print

The Prospectuses


Tackling the college prospectuses, we set about creating a verbal and visual language of energy, mixing information with colour and inspiration.

Projecting a consistent photographic voice

Brand Image Bank


We’ve helped the college build up a rich bank of photographic images to capture what’s going on every day.

As well as capturing college life through photography we’ve been exploring the role that film can play in helping prospective students see inside PCA.


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