Sign of the Times

NB Studio and Michael Wolff are sick of Britain's 'Elderly People' road sign. Picturing a stooping couple dragging themselves along, it's hardly a positive reflection of later life. So they invited Lovers, and many others, to have a crack at redesigning it.

We thought the couple in the original sign looked pretty alone and depressed, so we thought we'd add in a younger character to hang out with the older two. Also, why not show the perk of having a bit more time to take the dog for a walk? The lack of sartorial expression also struck us as miserable in the old sign, so we added a couple of touches there. The last thing was to show one of the older people pointing off somewhere they think they should go on their walk, breaching the sign's red triangle to add a little sense of adventure.

We started by doing some drawings on paper — nothing beats a pencil to start visual ideas rolling. We worked it up in the computer later, but it's on paper that you can make most of your key decisions.