International New York Times: Arting News

Alex Hunting Art Directs the Opinion Pages of the International New York Times as well as its Saturday Review, giving him the duty of commissioning a thought-provoking piece of artwork pretty much daily. But when holidays beckon, it's over to friend and Lovers founder Alex Ostrowski to keep the art coming.

Al Hunting is so good at this now (check out his work here) that he can pretty much do it in his sleep, which is handy because the time difference can be a bit of a killer. I've covered for him for a couple of two week stints and although it was a bit daunting at first, the process does become addictive, and it's a great chance to commission lots of brilliant illustrators.

The topics of the articles are very broad. Sometimes there's room for a bit of wit or humour, say if there's a piece on UKIP's latest blunder. But a lot of the time the issues covered are extremely serious, and visualising them is a delicate exercise given that it's all usually happening in the world that week.